Freelance Work

Pierre now offers his skills as a freelance pastry chef, drawing on 25 years study and practice in the field. The best of this knowledge is being crafted into a bespoke dessert experience.

“This allows me to bring a spectrum of dessert knowledge to work its magic; from the nuts and bolts of sourcing ingredients and optimising kitchen functionality, boosting staff morale and technique through to creative dessert execution.”


Bespoke /bɪˈspəʊk/


custom made, made to order, specially made

A custom fit with –

  staff     previous menus     place     customers     culture   

       technique     kitchen     equipment     storage    

cuisine     seasons     story



Benefits of a bespoke dessert menu

For the establishment – delighting customers, increased dessert sales

For customers – a better dining experience, another reason to return

For staff – learn new skills, be supported and motivated

For the space – Pierre creates amazing desserts that takes your operation into consideration

For cost efficiency – reduced wastage, competitive sourcing of ingredients, hints, ideas, troubleshooting

For branding – a great addition to your restaurant’s story and reputation; a destination for desserts

For a point of difference


Case studies


Kisume, Flinders Lane, Melbourne – The Lucas Group

The Table at Kisume is a contemporary expression of Japanese kaiseki, where master chefs improvise moment to moment to create seasonal, highly refined fine cuisine.


The brief: Create an exciting and refreshing pre-dessert and a spectacular final dessert. Mandate “Create a lasting impression.”

The challenge: Little fridge and freezer space. Busy, crowded kitchen – over 3 floors. A tiny amount of bench space.

The result:


‘Tropical dessert tube’ designed to be swallowed in one go; an exhilarating, refreshing mouthful. Finger lime, passion fruit curd, coconut puree, pineapple jelly.



‘A journey from light to dark’ a visually dramatic dessert that begins with vanilla and yuzu and finishes with dark chocolate, blackberry and black sesame.



Private Dining Room Dinner, Melbourne CBD

Private Dining Room create experimental and unique experiences for diners in secret locations throughout Melbourne.


The brief: A dessert to match one of the world’s best beers; the incredibly rich and complex Parabola stout from Firestone Walker Brewing Co, US.

The challenge: Prepare offsite and transport to the venue. Plate and serve very quickly from a basic kitchen with limited assistance. Impress a room full of sophisticated diners.

The result:


Treacle cake, spiced fruit & chocolate ganache, pedro ximenez jelly, bitter marmalade creme and hot chocolate mousse.



Pierre brings his entire repository of dessert skills to touch your business. He provides you an original, custom made dessert menu PLUS all the elements that surround this for success. Interested in finding out more? Send us an email to start the conversation.