Special commissions for events, launches, celebrations or new product lines.
At AESOP Pierre was commissioned to launch a new product. He created bespoke dessert tubes featuring sea buckthorn, cardamom and clove found in Aesop toothpaste.


Product Development


Pierre is available to create or refresh new products or menus.
At CONNOISSUER Pierre developed a new ice cream flavour- Snowy Mountain Blueberry Crumble. Pierre’s organic style of plating was also referenced in the branding.




Pierre offers dessert catering.
For a spring collaboration with PIDAPIPO, Pierre created a lemon, date and rosewater dessert tub to pair with watermelon gelato.




Menu Design


Pierre is available to design or refresh dessert menus.
Pierre designed the menu for the launch of the the KISUME Chef’s Table.
A feature was ‘A journey from light to dark’ – a visually dramatic dessert that begins with vanilla and yuzu and finishes with dark chocolate, blackberry and black sesame.



Melbourne Cake Crawl

Pierre is available to create desserts for events.
For the MELBOURNE CAKE CRAWL, a private event for 50 guests, he created a 4 course dessert degustation with demonstrations and Q&A. A highlight was the coconut, lemon, hazelnut and golden syrup course.

Custom Cakes

Julia's Wedding Cake

Pierre creates cakes for special occasions.
For Julia and Nick’s wedding he was commissioned to create a truly unique wedding cake – two separate chocolate cakes (his and hers) that ‘bled’ raspberry puree when cut.



Do you need a Pierre intervention?


Pierre has honed his dessert skill set over 2 decades. He is available for product development, commissions, menu redesign or freshening; from concept through to execution.

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