Pierre Roelofs
Dessert Evenings, Dessert Intensives, Pastry Consulting, Pastry Chef, Melbourne, Australia, Dessert Studies
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Pierre Roelofs is the inventor of 3 signature dessert concepts that have shaped dessert experiences all over the world.


The Dessert Evenings – multi course dessert degustations that create a succession of surprising, joyful mouthfuls – served morsel by morsel, moment to moment. Since 2010 Pierre has been presenting these menus as-one off expressions; never to be repeated.

Multi-element desserts – carefully considered layered flavours, textures and temperatures which build a crafted and ordered taste experience – almost at odds with the seeming lack of structure. The ultimate post-modern dessert!

Dessert tubesa playful down in one mouthful deconstructed classic like a lemon tart, crème brûlée or snickers bar.


These are his signatures and continue to inform his work today.


Pierre Roelofs is a Melbourne-based pastry and dessert chef. He is also the creator of the Dessert Evenings; a très special dessert degustation that has been running since 2010.

Pierre’s training is almost folkloric in its composition, a tale that starts on Switzerland’s alpine peaks, continues through some of the most bustling, creative kitchens in the world and returns back to the city of Melbourne, where his love of experimentation and curiosity continues to play out in his creations.

Pierre undertook a three-year apprenticeship at the same Swiss patisserie his father had apprenticed in thirty years earlier. In the mountain village of Sent he learnt the delicate arts of chocolate and pastry. The years that followed saw him find his groove in the 2 Michelin star kitchen of The Vineyard at Stockcross in Berkshire UK; head up a team of twelve at the Hotel Sofitel in Melbourne, and form a dynamic partnership with the talented Robin Wickens at the former Interlude in Fitzroy.

Other adventures have him segmenting thousands of mandarins and learning Spanish on-the-fly alongside Jordi Roca at the 3 Michelin star El Cellar de Can Roca in Spain, and working amongst the madness and magic of The Fat Duck in Bray, UK.

Pierre’s style is a distillation of all these experiences and more; each dish a combination of technique and precision imagined through a prism of wild texture and flavour.

Keep up with Pierre’s latest undertakings via social media, join our newsletter or contact him directly at pierre@pierreroelofs.com

Pierre Roelofs is unquestionably one of the most adventurous pastry chefs in this country, and a talent whose skills need to be seen to be believed. Any chance to taste his creations for yourself should be jumped at without hesitation.
Pat Nourse, Creative Director, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival


When you’ve clocked up over 20 years in your chosen profession, it’s time to think of ways to share what you know. Dessert Mentorships are an opportunity to join Pierre and tap into that knowledge!


Small Group Dessert Mentorships

For the first time, Pierre is offering a small group professional mentorship. The bespoke program is an opportunity for Pierre to share his extensive knowledge of pastry and help you build confidence in dessert and menu creation.

“I have always loved the old model of apprenticeship. So much is lost when we can’t stand side by side discussing our craft with our teachers. While I can’t offer the old school model of multi – year apprenticeships, I am offering to step in close and work alongside you to track, troubleshoot, guide and cheer you on your career journey; wherever that place is right now.”

This course offers an opportunity to gather with a small group of chefs to refine skills, devise an awesome menu and get behind the scenes to plan and execute a private Dessert Evening for your selected family and friends, plus industry professionals. With ample opportunity to present, workshop and analyse ideas, you will work with like-minded chefs to build the ultimate dessert degustation.


The course consists of:

A small group of 4 pastry chefs connecting with Pierre over 4 weeks

An opportunity to fine tune a dessert of your very own

2 workshop sessions to discuss, create and refine your dessert and the group menu

2 days of Dessert Evening preparation

1 night executing a private Dessert Evening for family and friends

Professional photos of your dish

A written review from an industry professional

A wrap up breakfast

Contact us for upcoming dates and costs.

Everything Pierre does is imbued with sensitivity and soul. His desserts are beautiful, creative and generous. His technique is impeccable but is not an end in itself; the experience of eating is paramount.
Dani Valent, Food Writer & Author, Melbourne